I am *so* incredibly excited that it's almost time to share DANGEROUSLY HOT with you! So much is happening in the world of publishing today, and I'm thankful that those changes mean I can finally bring my Special Operations team of HOT military guys to you. You have embraced these men — and their ladies — and made me so happy to be a writer.

Not gonna lie — I was told just five years ago that these guys weren't what the market wanted. Stories not dark enough, I was told. Not enough evil on the page. Well, you know what? I like romantic suspense that's heavy on romance and has a rollicking adventure. I don't need a dark and twisted murderer hanging out somewhere, threatening to commit evil at every turn. I think my bad guys are pretty bad. And I think they get their just desserts, you know? I wrote the stories I wanted to read — and lo and behold, you want to read them too!

I think we all win. And I'm so very glad you're loving the HOT guys and looking forward to their next adventure. Right now, I'm working on Jack “Hawk” Hunter's story. If I'm lucky, and things keep going really well, you'll get to read all about Jack and Gina this summer. And don't forget, if you love my Harlequins, I have a sheikh duet coming out this year! First in May is GAMBLING WITH THE CROWN and then the follow up story is called CARRYING THE SHEIKH'S HEIR. Both featuring delicious sheikhs! Probably some of my favorite characters I've ever written. Seriously.

But first up, DANGEROUSLY HOT!

Dangerously Hot

The world’s most wanted man is back from the dead. And only one woman can stop him…

Former Army linguist Lucky San Ramos escaped with her life, but the scars an evil terrorist leader left on her skin are a constant reminder of her captivity. Now her tormentor is back—and so is the sexy Special Operations soldier she once loved.

HOT operator Kevin “Big Mac” MacDonald rescued Lucky the last time. And then he walked away when he couldn’t be what she needed. When Lucky married his teammate, Kev knew it was for the best. But now Marco is dead and Lucky is no longer safe.

When Kev and Lucky team up to capture a terrorist, they’ll have to pretend to be man and wife on an explosive military mission to a war-torn nation. With time running out and the fate of the world hanging in the balance, Kev and Lucky play a perilous game of cat and mouse with a madman during the day.

But at night, they battle the secrets of the past and the sizzling attraction that threatens to endanger the mission. Lucky shouldn’t want the man who abandoned her once before. But the passion between them is sinfully, sensuously, dangerously hot… and proving impossible to resist.

Here's a never-before-seen excerpt for your reading pleasure!

She tapped her fingers on the armrest and stared straight ahead. “The closer we get to going on this mission, the more I worry about the things I never did. What if I never get to do them at all?”

A chill slipped down his spine. “That’s the beer talking.”

She shook her head. “I don’t think it is. I think it’s a real concern. These next few days could be all I have left.”

Kev gripped the wheel tight. Dammit. “I told you I won’t let him get you. You’re coming back. We’re all coming back.”

“You can’t guarantee that.”

Kev whipped the truck into a fast food parking lot and shoved the gearshift into park before turning to look at her, fury rolling through him. He didn’t want to hear her talk that way. He didn’t want to hear the fatalistic tone in her voice. It wasn’t right.

He’d lost Marco out there. He wasn’t about to lose Lucky, and he wouldn’t have her talking as if fate had already decided it for her. Her eyes were wide as she stared at him.

“Attitude is everything out there,” he grated. “You can’t go in with the idea this is the end. You have to be comfortable with yourself, sure, but it doesn’t do any good to think this is where you will die. If you think like that, you put us all in danger.”

“All right.” Her voice was soft. Her eyes slipped over his face and her throat worked. He had a sudden urge to haul her in his arms. He resisted, but barely.

“Just stop thinking it’s over, okay?”

She nodded. “But there are still things I never did. Things I wanted to do. It’s not fatalistic to wish I’d had the courage to do them.”

He shoved a hand through his hair and growled. “What is it you want to do so bad? You have a few days yet if it’s important to you.”

The air in the truck grew thick with silence. And then she reached out with trembling fingers and touched his mouth. Her fingers were light, soft, ghosting over his lips so carefully. His blood beat hard in his veins and his chest grew tight. She was going to drive him insane before this was over.

“I want to be with you.”

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