It's almost here! In 20 days, on July 17th, Hot Pursuit will be available for your purchasing pleasure! It's been a long road bringing this book to you, but for everyone who's excited to read about Matt and Evie and the Hostile Operations Team, thank you! And thank you SO MUCH to the reviewers who are embracing Matt and Evie and saying such wonderful things! You all rock! How about a little taste of what people think?

Desere says: “I highly recommend this read for fans of action romantic suspense military-related reads […] it will leave you on the edge of your seat, and ready to go into any contact situation just to find a hero like Matt.”

Nancy says: “This is one HOT, action packed, hold on to your seat ride. There's betrayal, murder, car chases, an explosion, a kidnapping and passion. What more could you ask for in a book?”

Sheryl says: “All in all, this was a THOROUGHLY enjoyable read, filled with page-turning suspense and enough heat to make you squirm (in a GOOD way!!) and it has certainly whet my appetite for the rest of the men in the Hostile Ops Team!!!”

Linda says: “Loved this story, it ticked all the right boxes for me. With bags of sexual tension and chemistry between Matt and Evie. ”

SnarkyMom says: “I'M HOT for H.O.T.!!”

Lkay says: “This was a a first book for me by this author, and after finishing it, I can say it will definitely not be my last. It was a great romantic suspense.”

Michelle at MsRomanticReads says: “Hot Pursuit was a thrilling read that thrust a down-on-her-luck chef and her childhood crush turned highly trained SF warrior into an action-packed adventure of life and death set in the Louisiana bayou.”

Beth says: “Hot Pursuit is a brilliant start to what is sure to be a fantastic new series.”

Wendy says: “…a roller coaster of emotions, drama, kidnapping, death threats, boating in the bayou, small town gossip and houses being blown up. I enjoyed it!”

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Does all this praise thrill me? Heck yes! You see, this is a story I refused to give up on. Even when I got told it wouldn't sell to NY, I couldn't quite shove it in a drawer and leave it there. Every once in a while, I'd bring it out again and wonder if anyone but me would enjoy it. So far, the answer seems to be yes!

Several readers want to know whose story is next after Matt and Evie. First, there will be the novella (HOT MESS, Book 1.5) about Sam McKnight and Georgie Hayes. You won't meet Sam in HOT PURSUIT because he's a new troop. But after the novella, the next book in the series (Book 2, tentatively titled HOT REUNION) is about Kevin MacDonald and Lucky San Ramos. And let me tell you, their story is explosive! In more ways than one…

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