Last night on Twitter, I was joking around with some fellow writers about pushing the envelope. I believe, in a line like Presents that has been around since before I was born, it's rather silly to think you are the FIRST AUTHOR EVER to write something. Really, you probably are not, no matter what you think. It's all been done before.

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be looking to twist what you know, to throw in a new spin on an old tale. For instance, my book Strangers in the Desert came about when I got the bright idea I wanted a secret baby book — but it was the heroine who didn't know she had a baby. Surely I am not the first author to think of that idea (and I would never say I was!), but it was most definitely a challenge and fun. I've had a lot of reader mail about that book and I'm so glad it worked for so many readers.

But, in the quest to think up new and different ideas, there was some silly stuff thrown out. One of those things was a pole-dancing billionaire hero, courtesy of new Presents author Maya Blake. While I've never seen a pole-dancing billionaire hero in a Presents, I *have* seen a pole-dancing hero before!

I read this book when it first came out in 1998 and loved it. Now the author has the rights back and is selling it for $2.99! The book is Absolute Trouble by Michele Albert. It features a pole-dancing sexy as hell Cajun stripper hero named Julien Langlois and an ex-cop heroine named Dulcie Quinn.

Sounds intriguing, right? Michele Albert pulls that story off too, let me tell you. I was totally in love with Julien from the moment he showed up in his tiny g-string. He pulls off alpha masculine while wearing next to nothing. It's awesome.

I don't know Michele Albert and I'm not hawking her book as a favor. I've just never forgotten it, so when I saw it was on Amazon, I had to tell you about it. The Kindle rank on this story should be way higher than it is, in my opinion.

Michele has four six* books she's republishing for $2.99 (and a host of others still with publishers). My next favorite in the $2.99 books is Her Bodyguard. I'm not as big a fan of the other two, but that's just because the stories are very different from what I usually like. HER BODYGUARD features shoes, and one pair of shoes in particular: a historic pair that belonged to a gangster's girlfriend and holds the key to a secret.

*(Another favorite, now that I see it's six books and not four, is Getting Her Man.)

With all the inexpensive self-published books out there today, it can be hard to make a decision where to spend your money. But I highly recommend ABSOLUTE TROUBLE. And if you like that one, give HER BODYGUARD a try. These books should not be forgotten!

Now tell me what books you recommend, especially the older ones that might be lost in the shuffle….

P.S. The books are also available on B&N….