It's fall, a time of change in many ways. If you live in North America, these are the changes you can expect. The leaves change. The temperature changes. The light changes as the days grow shorter. You may have to turn off your AC and turn on your heat (not here yet, but it's coming). You're dragging out the long sleeves and long pants and putting away the shorts and capris and tank tops. The flip flops are going in the closet and the closed toe shoes are coming out. Coats go to the cleaner if they didn't at the end of winter, scarves come out.

Basically, for me, fall is a time of new beginnings and new promises. I think it goes back to my school days and the excitement (dread) of a new school year.

I don't have to worry about school anymore, but I did have at least one big change that's kinda the equivalent of changing teachers. I got a new editor. I love my old editor, who was with me from the very beginning, but her change is that she got a promotion to a different branch of the company and had to leave all her category authors behind.

So now I have a new editor, who is just as fun to talk to on the phone as the old one, and I'm both apprehensive and excited about what the next phase of my career brings. Fortunately, my new editor didn't blink an eye this morning when I said, “So, for the next book, there's this guy, and he has this thing, and he might come from this place–but I'm not sure–and then there's this girl, and she's from here and she does this, and then this is what happens. Or I think that's what happens, but it could change.”

Thank God. Honestly. They get me over there in the London office, and I am so grateful to have them.

Change is good. Change is necessary for growth. It's scary sometimes, but we can't go through life without change. So learn to embrace those changes and make them work for you!

I leave you now with this awesome video interview with Nora Roberts. She is an inspiring woman, is she not? I love the part where she says writing isn't easy. It's not meant to be easy. I'm always glad for that reminder, because it's easy to feel down about yourself when you're struggling through a story.