It's finally here! The new site, as you can see, is live. My fabulous and talented designer, Frauke Spanuth at CrocoDesigns, does such good work, doesn't she? She's a very busy lady these days, however, so if you want to book her, you may have to wait a while!

You'll notice some new features — first, we've separated out the UK books and North American books. Soon, the UK and NA schedules will merge, but the covers will still be different, so we'll keep the separate pages. Also, there are some books on the UK shelf that will not be on the North American shelf. Sadly, my D'Angeli Family duo will not be coming to North America in the Presents line. Oh, they may be released digitally, but they won't make it to store shelves. Yes, this upsets me. But with the merging of the schedules, there are a lot of authors who are losing books in the cross over. It's not what we would prefer, but it's necessary to line all the English language releases up.

And I am thrilled that my books will be available at once, with the same title, in different English language markets! No more telling the UK readers about a book and then informing my US and Canadian readers they will have to wait. I'm not sure when or if Australia and New Zealand will line up with this schedule, but hopefully they will do so soon as well.

On the front page, you'll notice a big cover with some smaller covers peeking out above and below. Hover over the smaller covers and click. That will bring the book forward in the slide! Very cool, right? There is also a Coming Soon page. Here, you'll be able to find out which books are coming next, both here and in the UK. On the individual book pages, you'll notice some foreign covers. Those are just fun, I think! I love seeing them. Not every foreign cover will be displayed, as some I never see until I get the book itself, but we'll put up many of them.

I still have to update some of my Behind the Scenes features. I'll be working on those as time permits. And there will be some things that are perhaps a bit wonky or out of place, but we're working on the tweaks. Well, Frauke is working on them. I just sit and stare and panic from time to time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hope to keep you up to date more often on the blog now that it's shiny and new! This site is meant to grow with me as I expand my wings as a writer. And yes, that means there are some changes coming in the future. No, I'm not going to stop writing for Harlequin. But I am going to bring you my military Special Forces trilogy. And I'm probably going to do it myself. The first book, Hot Pursuit, is one of those “not quite right for New York” books. It's a blend — small town and military — and not a big, dark book with explosions (heh, I do blow up a house though) and car chases (okay, there's one of those too). It's just not a dark suspense novel. It's a romantic, adventurous, suspenseful, hot and steamy book about a Special Operations commander and the hometown girl who once had a crush on him. I've loved this book for a long time and feel like my readers would like it too.

I can't tell you when it will be just yet, but I'm working on the things I need to do to get this book out there. And of course I'm working on a yummy Presents too! I still have several books to write for the Presents line, so you'll be getting plenty of those in the year to come. In fact, for a quick peek at my schedule thus far, here it is: THE GIRL NOBODY WANTED, November 2012; MARRIAGE BEHIND THE FACADE, January 2013, and A GAME WITH ONE WINNER, April 2013 (no information on that one other than a title and publication date).

If you want to keep up with everything I'm doing — new books, new blog posts, new giveaways — then you have several ways to connect with me. You'll see on just about every page that Frauke has linked to all my social media sites. You can also subscribe to this blog. Look in the sidebar here, or just go to the home page, and type your email into the subscription box. I will NOT spam you! This is only so you can get my blog updates. There is also an option to subscribe to my newsletter. I don't spam you there either. I don't send them often, but once in a while I'll let you know about a new release or a contest. And you can unsubscribe from any updates at any time. I want you to feel welcome here, and I want you to feel like you can trust me not to send you things you didn't ask for. So sign up, or don't, and cancel at any time. ๐Ÿ™‚ Not a problem.

Finally, you'll notice Pinterest buttons on my book pages. Feel free to pin my book covers to your boards and tell your friends about my books. ๐Ÿ™‚

That's all from Chez Harris at the moment! More to come soon, including that promised guest post by Mr. Harris…. And please tell me what you think of the new site!