I was minding my own business, working on revisions to my latest Harlequin, when Mr. Harris called. “You need to update your blog,” he said.

I blinked. I might have nearly choked on the sip of water I'd just taken. “Huh?” I said.

“You haven't said anything in a few days. You need to update it. It's just sitting there.”

Well, I know that. But since when does he care about my blog?

“People want to know what you're up to,” he told me.

I think he has a much higher opinion of me than I do of myself, as I'm not sure anyone really wants to know what I'm up to.

“What should I blog about?” I asked, eyeballing the calendar and the blog posts I have due for other people. And the revisions. Let's not forget those.

“Your new office,” he said. “Or something.”

Something. Yes indeed, something. So here I am.

It's true I got a new office. I finally decided that I may have a career going, so it was time to move off of the old dining room table I'd been using as a desk and get something nicer. Plus I needed new bookshelves as well, so I got an entire matching office suite with a desk, bookshelves, hutches, and all sorts of fun stuff. This entailed moving my desk to another part of the office. Today is my first day sitting at my new desk. And, well, it's taking some getting used to. I used to sit on the other side of the room, desk against the same wall the door was on, but now my desk is floating in the room, unanchored by a wall.

This is a new thing for me. I'm facing the door, which is good, and there's a window beside me — but I have to lean forward to see out of it, which is probably a good thing because now I'm not observing whatever asinine thing the neighbors are doing.

Still, my order has been upset, at least for a little while. And I think it's seeped into other areas of my life. Today, as I was trying to put on mascara, I not only got a big blob between my eyes, I somehow flipped the wand into the air and let go of it. It landed in my hair. :/ That was fun.

But here I sit, hair and skin de-mascaraed, desk floating, writing a blog post because Mr. Harris told me to. Strange times indeed.

Anything new in your life? Anything you're still getting used to? Is it more exciting than a desk in a new place? (Though I AM excited about my new office. Very. I feel all professional now.)

Another exciting thing in my life is the release of my 9th book in North America tomorrow!

Captive But Forbidden features a hunky security tycoon who agrees to bodyguard for my heroine for a little while. Things happen. Sparks fly. It's all very exciting, I promise!

The news that wild socialite Veronica St. Germaine has cleaned up her act and stepped into her father’s shoes as ruler of a Mediterranean principality creates a tabloid frenzy! But it’s not just the paparazzi that are out for blood…

Duty demands that bodyguard Rajesh Vala must protect Veronica—whatever the cost… But Veronica has always rebelled against commands, and she isn’t making Raj’s job easy!

He calls it ‘safeguarding’. She calls it being held captive at his beach house. Both realise that the attraction between them is inconvenient…

Veronica is forbidden, not for bedding!