Winners! Thank you so much for all the comments! I'm glad everyone was excited about the possibility of winning one of these books. I decided to giveaway six copies and I used the Random Number Generator to choose the winners. This is who won:

Gina Brock
Stacie D
Shelley Bagby

But that's not all! Because I truly appreciate each and every one of my readers, everyone who commented on this giveaway (ending with Beth G) gets a choice of one of my backlist books! I will gift you Nook or Kindle copies if you are in the US (if you wish) or I will send paperbacks. If you are choosing a Nook or Kindle book, then you may choose any book currently available in that format (not Strangers, however, as it is not out yet). In paperback, you may choose from The Prince's Royal Concubine, Cavelli's Lost Heir, Chosen by the Sheikh (with Kim Lawrence), or The Man with the Money.

Congratulations to everyone and thank you for reading my books! 🙂 To claim your copy, send me an email using the Contact page on this site (you can find my address there, or you can use the form. Totally up to you!) I'll need your mailing address or your Kindle or Nook email. Tell me which book you want. For the people who won an author copy, you will be getting paperbacks, so please send your address. And that's it! Here's to a happy 2012!

I got lovely, beautiful author copies today! Aren't they pretty? Strangers in the Desert isn't due out until March, so this is way early. Which is awesome for YOU!

Because I'm going to give a copy or two (or maybe more) away here on the blog! I really love this story. It's about a gorgeous sheikh and the wife he thought was dead. What's not to love about that?!

The Desert King’s Lost Wife…

Isabella, the wife Sheikh Adan thought was dead, has just walked back into his life – on the eve of his wedding to another woman…

Now Adan is to be crowned King, Isabella must be his Queen – sharing his desert throne and the royal bed… But gone is the dutiful, pure girl he once knew – in her place is a defiant, sultry woman who makes Adan’s blood run hot… A woman who has no memory of being his wife…

Sound intriguing? How about an excerpt?

Isabella looked up in confusion. “Who are you?”

A shadow passed over his face before it hardened again. “Do you really expect me to believe you do not know?”

Anger and despair slashed through her in waves. It made no sense. And yet he hated her. This man hated her, and she had no idea why. Somehow, she found the strength to act, wrenching herself free from his grip.

Isabella hugged her arms around her torso as if to shield herself. She couldn’t bear to feel the anger and sadness ripping through her a moment longer. Couldn’t bear the currents of heat arcing across her nerve endings. The swirling confusion. The crushing desperation.

Grant had disappeared, but she knew it was so he could fetch one of the bouncers. He’d be back at any moment, and this man would be thrown out on his arrogant behind. She was going to enjoy that.

“Of course I don’t know you,” she snapped.

“On the contrary,” he growled, his dark eyes flashing hot, “you know me very well.”

Her heart pounded at the certainty in his voice. He was insane. Gorgeous, but insane. “I can’t imagine why you would think so.”

“Because,” he replied, his voice laced with barely contained rage, “you are my wife.”

Strangers in the Desert

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