Today's post is a series of random thoughts. Because I had a lot of random thoughts today and no way to connect them.

1. My stylist keeps vampire hours. I thought of this last night when I was waiting to get my hair done at 6:30PM.

2. Women who average up to 15 alcoholic drinks a week are healthier and live longer than their peers. Courtesy of CNN. Where's my wine….?

3. There will always be people who think they are God's gift to (fill in the blank) and don't mind telling you about it on a regular basis. Unfortunately.

4. Know-it-all's are irritating.

5. I still think we need the post office. How will I mail my packages to contest winners if the post office goes out of business?! The PO reaches more places than either UPS or FedEx — and cheaper too.

6. I have a really cool workshop to attend this weekend! RT Magazine people coming to teach us how to talk to the media. Awe. Some.

7. Is Kim Kardashian's butt really that big? Really? Because that is HUGE.

8. I love arrogant Italian heroes. Lorenzo, my current hero, is swaggering across the page in full motorcycle leathers. Sexy.

9. I despise election season. Despise. No one comes out of these things with any dignity.

10. Is that really another deadline staring me in the face? Because I thought I just finished one.

11. Did I mention that I'll be writing more books for Harlequin Presents? Because I will. New contract, new books to write.

12. Am I the only one who thinks that Bucky Larson movie looks dumb?

13. I bought my husband an e-book that he wanted. And then the next day, the hardback showed up. Because I forgot I'd preordered it. 😕

14. My cats are crazy. But I think all cats are crazy.

15. Can't wait for the season premieres of The Big Bang Theory, Glee, and Castle!

16. OMG, it's September! Birthday and anniversary this month. And yes, I refuse to tell you which number for both. 😯

What kind of random thoughts are pinging around in your head today?