Writing as a career is amazing. It's awesome and wonderful and a dream come true. And yet, there will be bad days. Days when you worry and sweat and fear that you aren't getting it right or that people don't love your books and you're doomed to fail. Yes, it's true, even published authors are insecure.

So the next time you're staring at crappy contest scores or feeling gutted because you got a rejection letter, I want you to remember something. Remember that no one is gonna die over this. No one's life hangs in the balance as you type away, as you sweat and work and fear. It's only you and your fears sitting at the computer.

Maybe that's a small comfort. Or maybe it's no comfort.

I know this means everything to you. I really do. But some days you just have to tell yourself it's not brain surgery. Back away from the keyboard. Read; take time for yourself. Live life.

The words will come again. And they may come better than before. The pie is not finite, y'all. If someone else sells before you do, it doesn't mean you won't. It doesn't mean your chances are gone, or slimmer.

Just write. The rest will sort itself out. No one's gonna die if you get rejected. And that's really kind of a good thing, right? 😉 (And believe me, there are days when I need to take my own advice! Days when I worry I'm truly the worst writer on the planet.)

And now I want to move on to happier things and tell you that The Devil's Heart is available a month early from eHarlequin! You can order it for your e-reader or a paperback copy. You can read an excerpt on this site, or a different one here.

This book was rewritten massively between the first time I turned it in and when it was accepted. I'm sure I was an insecure mess as I worked on it, but it's out there now and it's your turn to tell me if I got it right. I hope you enjoy!