Today comes a lovely review over at Enduring Romance for Spanish Magnate, Red-Hot Revenge. Rebecca says, and I love this part:

Lynn Raye Harris has a great voice. I have a feeling I'm always going to enjoy her books. I'm looking forward to reading the one that's out that I still haven't read. But I'm MORE excited for her to have a new release, because based on what I've seen so far, her writing just keeps getting better and better!!

That's what every writer hopes to hear! I want to get better with each book. I want to make better story choices, and I want to write the kinds of stories that resonate with readers each and every time. I know I won't please everyone, and I'm fine with that.**

Reviews are a mixed bag, no matter who you are. I try not to read the negative ones, though sometimes they slip through the radar. I always read the glowing ones, and yes, they make me feel good. I don't let them go to my head, but I do love that happy feeling they give me for a while. It's always wonderful to know that something you sweated over, something that you wrote, found its way into a reader's heart and made them happy. Those kinds of reviews trump the bad ones and make it all worth it.

Thanks, Rebecca! You've made me happy today. 🙂

**For a hilarious look at just how I didn't please someone, go check out my Amazon UK reviews for Prince Voronov's Virgin: one reader thinks the book must have been written by a man or a computer. I admit to being upset at first; now I just find it funny. Important Note: if you are related to me in any way, you are forbidden from commenting on that review or from writing a glowing review to counteract it. I mean it. You won't be doing me any favors. Readers have a way of finding out that authors are enlisting family to say nice things. They don't like it, and I understand that. If you are not related to me, feel free to glow away. 😉