Just a quick post to tell you all that I'm working hard on book number 9 — yes, number 9! Can you believe it? I can't. It's been two years since I got the call, and only a little over a year since the first book came out. Time really does fly when you're having fun! This one is untitled, but I can tell you it features a yummy half-Indian hero named Raj and a socialite named Veronica. So far, they are burning up the pages!

I also have exciting news about what's next. In the UK, Prince Voronov's Virgin is the Mills & Boon Book of the Month for January! I've been getting a lot of early reader mail about this story, and it thrills me that you all are enjoying it so much. It seems to be flying off the shelves over there, and for that I thank you! In fact, it's the number 1 bestseller this week!! This book will be released in North America in June under the title Behind the Palace Walls. It will be a Presents Extra — my first, so I hope you'll help me make it a success here too!

Next up in the UK will be Strangers in the Desert in May! I have no links for this one yet, or order information, but this is my first full-length sheikh book. Adan and Isabella have a delicious past together. When they are reunited, the sparks fly. I can't wait for the back cover copy to share with you! I don't have it yet, so no idea what sort of things it's going to say — there's a pretty big secret in the book that I don't want to give away just yet. Though maybe the back cover will do so, LOL!

Next up in North America is The Devil's Heart in April! I haven't posted this cover on the site yet, but check it out. I am so in love with the Presents version of this cover!

Finally, coming in the UK sometime this summer, and in November to North America, is The Heartless Rebel. (Available at Amazon UK. No order links for NA yet.) This book is part of a continuity series called The Bad Blood Collection! In this series, you get to read about a family called the Wolfes and all their trials and tribulations. My Wolfe brother is named Jack — and he's an absolutely delicious mess of alpha toughness and stoicism. Just wait until he hooks up with his heroine, though! This is a very sexy story — probably my sexiest yet!

That's what's coming up in 2011. And now I'd better get back to work on this book, since it absolutely refuses to write itself. Hope you're prepared for the Holiday Season! I'm not, but what's new about that? 🙂