Seriously, I should have a tag that says “Deadline Brain.” Because you are getting a deadline brain post today. Not that I have time to post, but my mind is going so much lately that I can't just shut down at the end of the day. The brain is still in forward motion while the body wants to sleep. πŸ™‚

(I'm currently working on my EIGHTH title for Harlequin Presents. I can hardly believe it.)

I was recently skimming entries at the New Voices competition that Mills & Boon are currently running and one thing kept bugging me. A lot. And it wasn't with the entries so much as within the comments.

I'm going to tell you all straight and true right here today: the only time I've EVER seen the term ‘head-hopping' is when writers use it to describe POV shifting withing a scene. I've never heard an editor say this. I've never heard an editor complain about it, quite frankly, though I suppose there might be one or two out there who don't approve of it. Not that I've run into them yet.

The truth is that it's all about the story, gang! Not whether you jump between the hero and heroine's POV's within the same scene. Now, that said, I am pretty much a purist in my own writing. I think it gives me greater control. I think it's tighter and harder to convey everything that needs to be conveyed from one character's POV. But that is my opinion and what works for ME. (And I did shift once, in one book that is yet to be released, and I agonize over the choice STILL.)

Because, let's face it, Nora Roberts isn't having a problem with POV shifting. And she is by far not the only one who does this. Within my line, Harlequin Presents, there are many authors who shift within a scene, often multiple times. If it wasn't allowed, if it were a “rule” that should not be broken, would so many of them be published?

So please stop telling people not to shift POV within a scene! It doesn't matter to the editors. They want a fabulous story, not a technically perfect entry that follows all the rules but fails to come alive on the page. If you shift, know why you do it. And if you're a purist like me, know why you do that too.

And now I'm back to the WIP that will not end (though it better end today!)….. Good luck with the writing. And remember the number one rule of all: it's all about the story!