For some reason, in the weeks leading up to conference, I always have conference dreams. Last night, for the third time, I dreamt that I'd gone to conference and forgotten to print out the schedule I'd made that has all my events on it. I don't know why I keep dreaming about forgetting my schedule! But I do. In last night's dream, I actually missed an event because of it. In a previous dream, I left the RITA/GH ceremony to go to the powder room — and couldn't find my way back. And I really wanted to get back because they were serving dinner and I hadn't eaten yet!

(And, unlike in most quest type dreams, I actually made it back with assistance from a hotel worker.)

In last night's dream, I was rooming with Kimberly Lang (which I am not really doing this year) and we had both brought so many of our shoes that we had piles and piles of shoes in our room and couldn't find our clothes.

Then I kept wanting my picture taken with famous authors and the person taking the picture always messed it up. I didn't get one shot of me and Nora. Then there was Michael Jackson — don't ask how or why he showed up in a conference dream. I still don't know.

So those are my silly conference dreams — and I'm sure they aren't over yet with only a few days left until I depart for Orlando. Do you have conference dreams? What's the silliest thing in your dream? Can you top Michael Jackson? 😯