Wow, she's back again! Yep, somehow I've managed to come back again when I'm pushing hard toward deadline — maybe it's because writing so much requires an outlet of unrelated writing. I don't know.

But I was thinking today, as I was rereading a portion of the WIP to remember where I was and what I was doing, about how easy it would be to let all those writerly fears and doubts crash down on top of me and grind me to a halt. I've certainly done it in the past, when I had no date set in stone on a legally binding document that I signed. I've let the doubt and uncertainty stop me and send me off into self-pitying mental gymnastics where I wondered if I would ever be published.

You might think, once you're published, that these doubts and fears go away. They do not, unfortunately. That fear will probably always be there.

Another thing I do when I get slammed with work is compare my career to others. Never a good idea, I assure you. We know we shouldn't do it, and yet we do. So-and-so writes six books a year, or so-and-so makes it look so easy, etc. If so-and-so were writing this book, she'd be done already and it'd be brilliant!

What's really bad is when you start thinking that someone has it better than you do, not only career wise, but life wise. A big house, a fancy car, lots of friends. But you don't really know what goes on behind the scenes of Jane Author's successful and fabulous life. Maybe she's lonely, or maybe her fears are as big as yours. Maybe the perfect looking life is a shield she wears that hides the truth. Maybe her life is every bit as crazy as yours, and maybe she wishes she could be you.

You just never know. Which is why you must learn to keep it together when these fears and doubts assail you. You have to look at what you DO have and know that it's good. My life isn't your life isn't Jane Author's life. I think it's very normal for women to do this sort of comparison. And we have to learn to stop ourselves when it happens. Because the life you have is full of blessings and richness. You just have to stop and take a good look sometimes.

Keep it together, y'all. Keep it real. You are you, and that's a mighty fine thing to be. ๐Ÿ™‚