It's snowing again in Alabama. It's March, people. Snow does not fall in Alabama in March. Did someone upstairs not get the memo? I'd have loved this snow, scant though it is, in December. That's when it's supposed to snow. But this is Alabama, and it doesn't really snow here.

Except now. Why now? Why, when I want warmth and sunshine, do I have to put up with more snow? At least the weekend forecast is supposed to be sunny and 60s. That's more like it! We're accustomed to 60s in March. (We're accustomed to them in December too.) Can I please have my normal weather pattern back, dear El Nino?

Aside from the snow making me grumpy, I'm working on the latest book. Yes, it takes place in Russia. Yes, there is snow. I'm rather sick of snow.

In other Chez Harris news, I believe I'm going to have to track down and terrorize a misbehaving cat any minute. Nimitz, the evil beast, is yowling. Which wouldn't be a bad thing, if he were a normal cat. But destruction usually follows on the heels of the yowling. He likes to get on my hall table and knock over pictures. Or he'll open cabinets and crash around through the pots and pans. Then there's his fascination with the fireplace. And yes, he's actually tried to get into it while the fire was on. That's why I keep a handy dandy squirt bottle available. It'll either keep him out of the fire, or douse him once he's set himself ablaze. 😯

So, today it's snow, writing, and flaming cats. What about you? Anything interesting going on?