I'm starting a new book this week, and I'm at that stage where I'm trying to figure out what the driving emotional problem is. I wrote a chapter back at the end of August on a new idea, and I think that's what I'm going to go with, but as I reread what I had, there's a big gaping hole: emotional conflict. *sigh*

I always do this. I always see a scene, write it, and wonder what is really going on. I still don't know, but I hope to figure it out quick. This book, if I am able to figure it out, takes place in Russia. πŸ™‚ That's a new setting for me, but I have in fact been to Russia — though it was many years ago, and things have no doubt changed quite a bit.

But I remember how extraordinary Red Square was. How vibrant the colors on St. Basil's. How brilliant the golden onion domes of the churches inside the Kremlin walls. The Faberge eggs were amazing too. I can hardly remember all the impressions I had of the country, but I love exploring my memories this way. It was a truly extraordinary experience.

What kind of settings would you like to read about? So far, I've written about Spain, the Caribbean, a Mediterranean kingdom of my invention, a desert kingdom, and Argentina. Next, it looks like Russia (assuming I figure out what the emotional conflict is). Have you been anywhere that you would love to read about in a novel?

P.S. Cavelli's Lost Heir has spent four weeks on Bookscan's Top 100 Bestselling Romances List! Thanks so much to all my readers for making this happen. πŸ™‚