The day after Christmas, Hubby and I decided we were going to clean our garage. Apparently, everyone has the same idea after Christmas. Not necessarily the garage, but home organization. Lowe's and Home Depot both had sales on storage containers and shelves, and people were loading their carts up. Since this is my first time having the organization urge immediately after the holiday, I was a bit surprised.

Still, we loaded up with shelves and containers and came home to begin the garage project. It's not done, but we've made good progress. And now I have my eye on a inside projects. I even cleaned out my pantry! I won't tell you how many expired things were in there. 😳

Of course all this has me thinking about counting down to the New Year and planning goals for 2010. Some years, I fail; other years, I hit the goals. I'm thinking this is a goal hitting year coming up. πŸ™‚ I have several, and I think they are reasonable. They aren't all related to writing. Some are definitely along the lines of “Get Organized!” Since I have a head start, I think it's possible. (No, I won't do a 180 and suddenly become super-organized. Wish it were so, but I know me.)

What kinds of goals are you setting for the coming year? Did you go buy organization supplies recently too? πŸ˜‰ And what kind of New Year's celebration are you planning? Low key at home? Party hearty at some swanky joint? I will definitely be at home, and I'll probably be in bed long before midnight. πŸ™‚