My book is now mine on Amazon! They spelled my name wrong in the UK, but hey, I'll take it. That's easily corrected compared to them having the wrong author. Amazon is a behemoth, and they move at the speed of molasses, but they actually did this quite fast considering I started my complaint campaign on Friday. I'm pleased, because I am not just an author but also a frequent Amazon customer. I've spent tons of money with them over the years, and not just for books!

Here's the US link and the UK link. It was quite disheartening to see my book attributed to someone else, and to get the run around as I tried to find a human being to communicate with, but it all worked out in the end. When I found a human, she was very helpful and apologetic and she followed through. And I don't discount the involvement of Amy Wilkins and the Harlequin Retail Team either. I'm sure they were on top of this and helped to get it changed.

So, things work out when you're patient and persistent. Thanks to everyone who emailed Amazon on my behalf! I'm sure those emails helped too, because you proved it wasn't just one small author who insisted this book was hers. Your belief it was mine helped swing the balance.

Have you ever battled a behemoth? Did you get them to fix whatever it was they'd done wrong? (I did once get a 10 yr old television fixed for free because Hitachi gave me the run around.)