I love paper books. The heft, the smell, the covers, etc. I have TONS of them. My office is lined with books, and I've gotten rid of many books over the years when weight considerations forced me to do so (military moves restrict you to certain weight limits). Just before we left Hawaii, I had a big purge. It hurt. I still regret some of the choices I made, and wish I'd kept the books. Others I look at now and wonder why I kept them in lieu of the ones I miss. Who knows?

I resisted ebooks for years. I don't want to read on a computer. Don't like it at all. I write and read my own work on a computer all day, so why would I want to sit and read a book? I don't.

But then came the ereaders. I resisted, mostly because there were still kinks to be worked out, and nothing really appealed to me.

Until the Kindle. Oh, I coveted that from day one. Why? Because of the wireless downloads from the bookstore. The fact I could send myself a sample chapter, and then download the entire book instantly if I liked what I read. Sure to be a bad thing for the wallet, but very good for my book obsession.

I finally got one in August, and I love it. Yeah, I knew there was a war coming, and that B&N was about to enter the market and that Sony was about to go wireless — but I was tired of waiting, so I took the plunge.

Am I sorry? Not at all! I love this darn thing. Just the other day, I downloaded a friend's book on the day of release! (Pamela Hearon's The Timestone Key, which if you like time travel and Arthurian legend stuff, you should not miss!) I love that I can carry several books with me and switch between them when I want a break from the one I'm reading. I used to read books straight through, but college kind of got me in the habit of reading many books at once. Sometimes I can't put a book down and I'll read straight through, but just as often I'll switch between books.

The Nook, B&N's offering, looks really cool. But Hubby has always told me not to buy the first model of anything, so I'm not sorry I bought Kindle instead. I'll wait and see how the Nook performs and what people think of it. And maybe I'll switch eventually, but for now, Kindle does exactly what I want. It delivers books instantly, it's highly readable, and it travels well.

What are your thoughts on ereaders? Do you have one? Planning to get one? Do you read ebooks on your computer?