I'm getting immersed in my sheikh novella — or, more appropriately, in the setting for the novella. My mother has a book on Arabia and another on the Bedouins that I've borrowed, and I've been viewing photos of deserts and tents and etc. And I've reviewed my copy of T.E. Lawrence, which is water-logged and has sand in the binding (due to reading on the beach in Hawaii). Things have changed over the years, of course, but it's wonderfully atmospheric.

In case you think the title of this post is poetic, it actually comes from a joke my husband tells. He's been telling it since I met him, in fact, but the only part I remember is ‘desert winds and caravans'. There's also something about Timbuktu, though I'm purposely not remembering it….

Do you like sheikh stories? Which are some of your favorites? Know any good desert jokes? (Or do you know this one?) πŸ˜‰