We're up to Friday now. My brain was beginning to be fried, and I was certainly exhausted, but there were more fun things to do. First, I had a presentation to give with Crystal Jordan, Maria Geraci, Melissa Francis, and Kate Pearce. Our workshop was called “I Sold to New York…Now What?” and we talked about what a new author can expect in that first year after selling. It was well-attended, and people asked lots of great questions. My initial nerves went away when I realized how interested people were, and how cool my fellow presenters were (I had only just met them!). I realized that I actually like giving workshops; now I need a great idea for next year. 😉

After the workshop, I attended a Mills & Boon Meet and Greet. It was great fun to talk to the authors and editors, but nothing was more fun than meeting Jeannie Lin who sold on Wednesday and won the Golden Heart on Saturday. She was understandably quite happy when I met her; I can only imagine what she felt like Saturday night. 🙂 After the meet and greet, we went to the Awards Luncheon where Eloisa James inspired and made people cry all at once. She is a fabulous speaker, and I was certainly moved.

Later that afternoon, I attended the Harlequin Spotlight where the editors from all the lines talked about what they were looking for. The best surprise of the day: my cover emblazoned across the screen for all to see — and the cheer that went up in the audience when Executive Editor Tessa Shapcott said how they'd bought me from their contest. Not sure if it was a friend who started it, but I'm grateful for the enthusiasm. I felt very humbled by it.


At 6:30, I met Tessa and fellow author Kate Hewitt for dinner. We had a lovely meal at a place called Pesto. I'm afraid I gushed over the food — we can't get real Italian food in my part of Alabama. This was the real deal, just like I've eaten in Italy, and I was in culinary heaven. Then we went to the Harlequin party at the Ritz-Carlton. I wish I could show you pictures, but I forgot my camera. *sigh*

The party was loud, fun, and fabulous. Most requested song? “It's Raining Men.” Biggest group dance? “Thriller.” The bar was open, the desserts were flowing, and the DJ was the same guy from San Francisco (and he will be in Nashville too!). It was totally, totally fab. I talked and danced so much, and didn't get to bed until about 1AM. The next morning, my thighs and calves were sore. (Note to self: get into dance shape by next year.)

Tomorrow, the RITAs.