I can't believe it's been so long since I've blogged regularly! I can now report that Book 3 is turned in, and Book 4 is forming in my mind. I'm sort of free — or at least until I get revisions for B3. Until that time, I've been catching up on much-needed housecleaning.

Oh dear heaven, how did these dust bunnies get so big?! And Spring totally passed me by — we're in summer, and I haven't planted the first flower in my pots yet. Oh, and I have a snake living in the wall. Yes, seriously. Not too surprised to discover that our builder didn't use proper weephole covers, actually. (A weephole is a gap in the brick so moisture doesn't accumulate inside the wall.) And without the covers, critters get inside. In my case, it's a black snake.

I don't want to hurt the snake. It's a good snake, not a bad one, so I keep hoping to see him go slithering away for a meal so I can cover the hole. This morning, I discovered that he'd shed his skin under my window. Ick. He's definitely still in there, sigh.

Aside from that fascinating news, nothing much going on. Waiting for my editor's opinion, thinking of next book, shocked conference is a month away (not prepared yet!), and trying to catch up on my promo efforts. Oh, and my mother-in-law gets the prize for reading my book the fastest of all the family. I shipped it to her last week; yesterday she called to say she'd read it and it made her cry (in a good way, yay!).

What's up with you?