I had a busy day yesterday — not writing, unfortunately — and by the time I got settled in and ready to write a blog post for today, I had nothing left in the brain. Total blank.

So I asked Hubby for a topic.

“Why don't you write about where you get your ideas?”

Um, I did that already. It's somewhere on this blog, in fact. (Not sure where at the moment.) Even though I can't remember where it is, I hate to be repetitive. *g*

Then he said I should write about the cat.

The cat?

See, one of our cats is a bathroom cat. You go in there, she's with you. So when Hubby goes in for a shower in the morning, she's there, rolling on the floor and meowing. And he, knowing I can hear, tells her silly things. Like “Are you gonna help Mommy write today?” Lots of meowing, lots of silliness. It's hilarious, but you'd have to be here.

His next idea was something about why he could never write a romance novel. How am I supposed to know why he could never write a romance novel?! Next!

Then he got serious. Several more ideas, none of which I can remember, flowed forth. He was trying to help, bless his heart, but I was starting to suffer from idea ADD — I couldn't take another one.

And that's how today's post happened. I had no ideas, Hubby had plenty, and I didn't like any of them. 🙂 Marriage is like that sometimes.

How's your day? (Tuesday is supposed to be a giveaway day, but due to the overwhelming response yesterday – snort – and my lack of preparation today, the giveaway is postponed until my brain returns.) How about something hilarious instead?

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