1. Is there a rule that says once you hit a certain age, you must cut your hair short? Because I attended a function the other day where every single woman there, with the exception of me and one other lady, was upwards of 50. And they ALL had short hair. Short. Gray, white, brown and blonde — didn't matter, every lady had short hair. Nearly gave me a panic, I tell you. I've already made the switch from long to layered, but I'm holding the line on that above-the-shoulder stuff. If it looked good on me, I wouldn't be so worried. But it doesn't. Trust me.

2. I am a horrible, horrible gadget-loving person! It's all my hubby's fault! I want a new MacBook Pro. I love my 13.3″ white MacBook, but I want a bigger screen. I've fallen in love with the sleek look of the new Macs.

3. By the same token, I want a new iPod shuffle. Why? Heck if I know! I already have an iPhone and a 32 GB Touch. I also have a first generation 4 GB Nano that I never use anymore. So why would I need a shuffle? Don't know, but it's so cool and little! And it talks!

4. I have already mentioned the Kindle. Still want.

5. Hubby is a shoe ho. He rivals me, though he swears he does not. The man made an *impulse* shoe buy the other day that rather surprised me. I am still recovering from the sticker shock. I could have bought a Kindle! (Well, I'd have needed to add some money, but still!) The man is insane.

6. We're having bad weather. Tornadoes possible. I really hate this time of year. 🙁

7. I *love* the person who copy-edited my last book. My voice is intact, and she barely touched my words. Love that!!

8. Love the ideas I brainstormed with my editor for book 3. Need to get busy rewriting and moving forward.

9. Taxes. Holy cow, it's time!

10. Dinner out with parents tonight! Dinner with friends tomorrow! Diet on Sunday!

What's up with you?