funny pictures of cats with captions

Not in my book! Or at least I don't think so, which is why I'm carefully reading my proofs that came on Wednesday for CAVELLI'S LOST HEIR and making sure everything still says what I want it to say. Which is also why I failed to write a blog post for Thursday, and why this one is so short. 🙂

The best news that happened around here in the last two days was finding out about all my friends who finaled in the Golden Heart and RITA contests! Thirteen of my 2008 Pixie sisters went on to the class of 2009 in the GH, and my dear friend and chapter mate from Heart of Dixie, Danniele Worsham, also finaled in the Short Contemporary category. Yay!!!!

You can read about Danniele's call at the Writing Playground. The party was yesterday, but I'm sure she won't get tired of reading all the congratulatory notes flowing in. 🙂

Hope you have a great weekend! Any big plans? Mine involve the wine bar tonight, something to do with yachts tomorrow (not on a Presents scale, alas), and maybe a movie at the fancy theater where they serve alcohol and food during the flick. 🙂