funny pictures of cats with captions

Because I can't think of anything intelligent to post today, I give you this picture that totally cracked me up. I laughed so hard that Hubby stared at me and asked what the heck was so funny about it. I dunno, guess it was all those hours and hours of Clue when I was a kid. It was my favorite game for a while.

There was also this one:

I looooved my Bionic Woman game. Can't remember the point, or how you played, but I played it a lot as well. And it had a kitty on the cover, which I loved. 🙂 Jamie is about to throw a big net over the cat. Hmm, okay. Why is Jamie Sommers, a woman with a million or so dollars worth of bionics implanted in her, battling big cats and not bad guys?

**Too bad they screwed up the new Jamie Sommers series last year. I thought it was HORRIBLE. So horrible in fact that I did something I have never ever done in the history of television: I wrote to the network and complained about a specific episode that irritated me.**

Do you like board games? I never play anymore, but I used to love Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble too. What vintage games do you recall? There was a Charlie's Angels game in the late 70s as well, but I didn't have that one. If you play games now, what are some good ones? Sometimes I think it'd be fun, but there are so many now it's hard to know where to start.