I can't think of a single thing to post today. I've not been doing much, just reading for friends, thinking about where my story is going, cleaning out the refrigerator, grocery shopping — you know, mundane stuff. I think I need to be going 90 miles a minute to have any focus, you know? Isn't that weird?

But I think it's true. I always do my best work under the metaphorical gun. Give me pressure, and I'm off to the races. Tell me I have all the time in the world, and I'm lollygagging along on a pleasure cruise. I need deadlines and structure to succeed. I think many of us do.

So, yeah, I have some tasks that need done, but I also need to set myself a deadline while I wait for my editor to tell me if my latest proposal would be better served as firestarter. Best to work forward steadily and maybe get more accomplished than all this thumb twiddling is doing.

But, good news, my chapter meeting is the weekend! That always motivates me.

What motivates you? Do you need pressure? Or do you accomplish just as much when you have a lot of leisure time?