I just finished the proposal for Book 3 and sent it to my agent. And now I'm at loose ends. Not entirely at loose ends, since I need to write the rest of the book, but loose enough for a couple of days while I think about what comes next. It's an odd and happy feeling. Odd because I've been non-stop for awhile now. Happy because I have some time to breathe. I told the hubby last night that I could actually cook a real dinner for us now!

We've been having expedient things, like crock pot items, Lean Cuisines, and soup. I could make something — spaghetti and meatballs? Jambalaya? Meatloaf? The possibilities are endless.

I can also go to the store and buy groceries. I've been putting that off for a while. And then there are the dreaded taxes that still need to be done, and doctors appointments I need to make. There's also that little matter of weight loss I was working on and got side-tracked with when I had to plant my butt in the chair day after day. It's seriously time to get back onto the treadmill.

Oh, and television! I haven't watched anything in forever, it seems. But I feel guilty, really, because I feel like I'm supposed to be working. And I know I will be again very soon, so I guess I should try and enjoy myself while I have a few moments.

Do you feel lost at the end of projects? When you finish a writing project, do you dive into the next one or take a break?

PS I'm participating in another eHarlequin guessing game! Guess the Bookshelf is going on right now! Pop over and see if you can figure out which bookshelves belongs to which author….(it's kind of hard, I think!).