I got the news on Friday that my second book was accepted! CAVELLI'S LOST HEIR will be a Dec 09 release in the UK; US still to be determined. I'm so thrilled! The first book is the most special, of course, but to get past those sophomore fears and actually turn in something coherent and decent — and have my editor like it — is amazingly gratifying. I really thought I'd written the worst book ever when I sent that baby off. I'd been trying so hard and staring at it forever that I couldn't see the forest for the trees anymore.

(Though part of me optimistically kept insisting that it was good. And, while writing it, I DID love it. It was after, when I thought that what I saw in my head and what I got on paper were two different things that I went a little nutty.)

Writers, this is a lesson. It really is true that you are often a poor judge of your work — or a harsh judge, perhaps. We are harder on ourselves than anyone else is. We'll take praise, be happy over it, and brush it off while remembering every single word of a rejection or a contest judge's negative comments. You simply must get past those and press on if you are to get anywhere in this business. (Remind me I said this when I get my first negative review.)

Now, I'm working on a proposal for Book 3, and hoping to get that done today or tomorrow and off to my agent. CAVELLI'S LOST HEIR had a princess as a secondary character who I just fell in love with. She is the heroine in the proposal, so hopefully I'll get to tell her story. Naturally, she's getting her very own prince — and he is delicious! Prince Nico Cavelli was a bad boy — but I think my new prince is even badder. I do love a bad boy, especially when he's being reformed. πŸ˜‰

Do you like bad boys? Princes? What are your favorite kind of themes or plots when reading?

PS Soon, my new website should be launching! I'm so excited about it! Keep visiting me because I'll start giving away goodies soon to celebrate. And thanks for sticking with me thus far. πŸ™‚