1. So I finished the revisions, sent them off around 2AM, and collapsed in bed. Except sleep wouldn't come. Sometime after 4, I fell asleep.

2. Got up to have lunch with a friend (though it was really breakfast for me). Spicy beef salad, yum.

3. Came home to answer Interview questions sent by my editor for UK M&B magazine.

4. Hope I don't sound like an idiot since I'm a bit sleep deprived.

5. Uh, one of these questions is suspiciously like having to write a synopsis. I'll do it anyway.

6. Proposal needs to be finished. What is the hero's deep, driving problem? I don't know yet!

7. Lunch with writer friends is fun. Especially when we get into a discussion about the words we can use to describe certain, ahem, things.

8. I hate euphemism after a while.

9. Looking forward to the weekend. Mother cooking dinner for us. This is always nice.

10. Soon, it'll be time for yard work again. I don't look forward to that. *sigh*

11. I LOVE my job. Even if I'm sleep deprived from time to time.

What's on your mind?