So the Kindle 2.0 is a reality now. And I want one. Why, I ask myself? I love real books. The size, feel, smell, etc. But, as I look at my groaning shelves, the neverending supply train of books that pours into my house on a regular basis — I'm wondering if the Kindle isn't the way to go for me. I could still buy my keepers in paperback. But, oh, to have that Whispernet technology! (Can you say a spending nightmare waiting to happen?) To have instant access to a huge library of books that I can read the instant I want to read them. Oh, it is to dream.

It's taken me a long time to get on the e-reader bandwagon. Because, quite frankly, the books once offered in e-format weren't what I wanted to read. Now that the major publishers have jumped on the bandwagon, I'm so there.

But, I am also aware that I'm a gadget junkie. Do I want this thing because it's sexy and looks awesome? Will it be yet another gadget I could have done without? (Yes, I speak to you T-Mobile Dash and you Alphasmart Neo — love Neo, but don't use as often as I thought I would since I no longer have a need to write on the beach.) I just don't know.

And, since I just got the iPhone (love it!), I'm out of gadget buying points for a while. I have to wait until at least my birthday, and maybe even Christmas (sigh). Though, I must admit, my hubby pretty much lets me have whatever my heart desires — so if I were to say I really, really, really wanted it, he would tell me to get it. Oh the temptation to abuse my power!

But, I will be good. For as long as possible. What do you think of e-readers? Do you covet the Kindle like I do? Have one already? Love it or hate it? Can't ever imagine reading anything besides a paper and ink book?

PS: Had an interview yesterday in the Decatur Daily and will post a link just as soon as one is available. Unfortunately, the Daily won't let you view their articles online unless you are a subscriber. So I must wait for it to appear elsewhere….