But who knows for how long? Book 2 is sitting in my editor's inbox. So I get to breathe for a few days — until I get back the revisions. *sigh* After my last book, I'm trying to prepare myself.

So what does a neurotic writer do with herself in the days between shipping off the book and waiting to hear back? She might catch up on household tasks. Might consider going grocery shopping and adding variety to the diet — chicken, chicken, and chicken gets a little tiring night after night.

She might read. She might start working on the next book because she hopes they will want another one. She might go shoe shopping. She might watch a movie or catch up on the hours and hours of DVR programs she has.

Truthfully, I feel like someone who has been going 100 miles an hour and suddenly comes to a full stop. I still feel the motion and still feel like I need to be moving. So, who knows what I'll do? I sure don't.

Except for lucky lunch. That's a must. What do you do when you finish a project?