My academic minor is history (naturally, English is my major!) so I tend to get a little caught up in the historicity of events. And there is no doubt, no matter where you land on the political scale, that yesterday was an amazingly historical event. I watched far more of it than I should considering how my deadline is approaching at light speed (I like science, but that's not my specialty so don't analyze that analogy).

What struck me: the crowds. I attended Clinton's first inauguration because I was living in DC at the time and wanted to see it. Um, it was so darn cold I went home again before the parade and watched that from the warmth of my living room. I remember walking over half the Mall that day — and the crowd wasn't *anything* like the one yesterday. I also don't remember jumbotrons anywhere. There were loudspeakers, and we could hear everything, but no television screens that I remember (I could be wrong).

But you know what I remember most about that day? Maya Angelou. Yep, the English major in me remembers her poem above all else. Of course! 🙂

I also remember buying a button that had Clinton on it and a little saxophone hanging from it. I'm sure I still have it somewhere. 🙂

I did not attend the second Clinton inauguration (by the time Bush was inaugurated, I no longer lived in DC). And while I understood why all those people would want to be in DC for Obama's, I highly doubt I'd ever attend another one. Too cold! I see more in my house than I do in the audience. And I get to stay warm while I do so.

Historically, what a day. I love being witness to history. My father-in-law drove a Greyhound bus to Martin Luther King Jr's “I have a dream” speech. He brought a group from Buffalo. But he said he didn't hear the speech. I think that's a shame. Still, to have been there on that day — wow. Can you imagine?

What's the coolest historical event you've attended? I can't think of a specific event, but I did once stand on the front row during a speech Reagan gave at the Vietnam Memorial. I have pictures of him and Nancy. It was cool, but OMG, it was 21 years ago…..

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