This is a short post because I'm pretty worn out, but I actually accomplished almost as much in front of my home computer yesterday as I did at Starbucks the day before. I think it was *knowing* that I'd successfully worked through my WIP problems while NOT clicking over to email/Facebook/MySpace/etc that forced me to acknowledge the problem lies within me.

And so I was disciplined. Not much choice really. The Deadline of Doom approacheth.

But I may head out to SB today as a way to shake up the routine. Or not. Now that I've taken the time to register for Pandora Radio, I'm loving it as I write. So much easier than trying to find stuff in my iTunes library.

In other news, my diet/exercise program is going fairly well. Jogged nearly 2 miles. It's only my 2nd week back, so that's not too bad. Soon, I'll be able to hop up the pace and get my miles done quicker.

Okay, to work. What are you up to? How's your New Year's diet/exercise program going (come on, we all have them!)?