Sometimes they happen, yeah? So, yesterday, I cut more words than I wrote. Or maybe I wrote enough words, but I cut so many I kind of lost count of what I had. One minute I had X many — the next I was down 1000. Same thing happened again.

This is, unfortunately, the way it goes sometimes. But, OMG, how freaking depressing!! I kind of understood how Hemingway became a lush because I suddenly, desperately, needed a drink. And, because I have a will as solid as a slice of Swiss cheese, I caved. A glass of wine takes the sting off.

And I really couldn't face the WIP any longer. Sometimes you need to go away and return with fresh eyes. Sitting in front of the computer and staring at the screen with the same words on it won't necessarily spark a new idea. I think, at times like this, it's okay to go away.

I also think it's very normal to get twisted up and worry about what you're doing. Yes, I have a contract and a book coming out — and I STILL think I'm terrible sometimes, that it's a fluke, that they're going to catch me and kick me off of Mount Olympus. Yesterday was a bad day. I hope today will be better.

I'm leaving you with the song that ran through my head after my battle with the WIP. Do you like this one? I sure do; it's catchy, even when the day isn't so bad.

Tell me what you do when the WIP isn't working, or you have to cut a couple of scenes….