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As I write this book, I'm always working on scenes that might not feel quite right and I'm always rewriting them. I rewrite the book as I go these days; I tried the fast draft before, and then the revision, but that's hard.

Heck, it was damn hard to rewrite half a book at my editor's direction twice, especially when I thought it was fine both times. But writing is rewriting, so there you are. As much as we might like to turn the book in and say it's done, perfect, send it to print, the reality is there will probably be changes.

You have to be prepared to make them. But, at the same time, don't get so bogged down in rewriting scenes that you don't move forward. Because if you don't finish the book, you can't sell the book and you can't have a career as a published author.

Simple advice, but my brain is completely drained from the marathon writing sessions I've been putting in. Oh, and today it's official: one month to deadline. What are you up to?