funny pictures of cats with captions

Um, yeah, absolutely! Except my beverage of choice is red wine. 😉

Okay, going list style today, because the thoughts are random:

1. Finished the corrections and sent them to editor.

2. Yay!

3. No lights up on the house yet. Knew it!

4. Wow, where'd that wind come from? At least it's not freezing or snowing!

5. RWA chapter Christmas party on Saturday.

6. What a difference a year makes!

7. Last year, I trotted off to the party having only squeaked my GH entry in under the deadline.

8. This year, I was ineligible to enter. Not upset about that!

9. Emote, people! I need forward motion *yesterday* on the WIP.

10. Need to watch my favorite holiday movies. Christmas Vacation is a must every year. Need me some Grinch and Rudolph too.

11. Remember when you were a kid and could only watch Rudolph once a year?

12. Eat, Santa, eat!

13. Watched The Polar Express in 3-D on Hubby's movie screen. Wow. I mean WOW.

14. Sometimes it's pretty cool to have a techno geek husband. 🙂

15. What are your favorite must-watch holiday movies?