I'm almost finished making my line edit corrections. At the same time, I'm thinking about the book I'm supposed to be writing. Wondering if I'll ever get into that groove where I know what my characters want and what they will do. Where every scene flows logically and I'm not sitting there going, “Uh, now what?” Man, I can't wait for that to happen.

Hasn't happened yet. *sigh* Partially, I'm distracted by the holidays and the preparations. My tree is decorated, my mantel is done, and my dining room table is mostly there. I have the poinsettias out, Sam the Snowman is in the front yard, and all that's really left are the lights on the house. Hopefully, that'll get done this week. Because if it doesn't, we're running out of time. We'll get them up in time to take them down. Not too much fun, really.

So, I'm staring at the WIP and trying to use the Force on the characters. Get busy, you two! Emote for me! We need some interesting, compelling, and amazing things going on. Isn't a forced marriage and a secret baby enough?! You'd think.

It makes me think of something Jane Porter said over on her blog. I'm paraphrasing, but she said that writing was like trying to wring water out of a mostly dry dishtowel. That's where I am at the moment. *sigh*

What's on your mind? Any interesting tricks or tips for getting the words flowing again?