I got line edits of my book!! I kept calling them copy edits, but realized we don't get copy edits from London — we get line edits. These are a print out of the entire book with all the lines numbered. It's your last chance to make corrections to the text. Some people see copy edits, which is the marked up manuscript. I got confused because I was expecting that.

But no, these are line edits. Contractually, I have two weeks to read them and communicate any changes to my editor. And there is one major, humongous, gigantic, freak-out worthy change that needs to be made: they spelled my name wrong.

For some reason, people see my name and gloss over the Y in Raye. They leave it out. They have also been known to give me an E on the end of Lynn. But there's no E, only a missing Y. *sigh* Perhaps I should have considered more carefully about taking a pen name. I did not because I'd had publicity already, and I wanted to build on it. Maybe it would have been easier anyway.

Too late now. I have already emailed my editor a panicked note telling her about this major, major mistake. I'm not a fan of my name in the first place, but I am not a Rae. No way, no how.

Aside from that, the line edits look pretty neat. I'm diving in today and seeing what's been done. I did peek a little and everything looks normal on the first few pages. Except one of my scene endings has been changed. I'll be thinking about that, I assure you. It's going to be weird reading this book and seeing those little changes here and there. It feels oddly like someone broke into your house and rearranged your furniture. You might like the arrangement, or you might be absolutely horrified. Guess I'll find out as I read. ๐Ÿ™‚

As for the holiday, it was great and Florida was much warmer than Alabama is at the moment. Still, I am SO happy to be home. It was a long drive (10 hours each way), but we listened to audiobooks. We finished up Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential and started Eragon — which, surprisingly, is extremely engaging.

How was your holiday? Did you finish your Christmas shopping and/or decorating yet? I thought Hubby and I would decorate yesterday since we were home — but no, he didn't want to do it. With line edits to do, and a deadline getting closer, I'm a bit worried about getting it done. ๐Ÿ™