Well, I got nothing interesting today. Yesterday, I went to Costco. How's that for fascinating? No overly perfumed people this time. But I did cut myself on a Christmas display. And had to go searching through the store for a napkin to stop the bleeding. I was looking at a mantel display thingie, and trying to see what the bottom was, when one of the blasted ornaments sliced the back of my finger.

Aside from that, I meandered the aisles. Of course I was supposed to be home writing! But I'd had to go to the Post Office to mail my contracts, so I decided I needed to make a wine run. Which turned into a meander through the aisles run.

I love the food section. I can spend a lot of time looking at cheese and various other nifty gourmet things. And yes, going back to Monday's Velveeta blog, you CAN buy imported French cheese for what you pay for Velveeta. Is that wrong or what?! 🙂 I rarely buy these things though because you have to buy in bulk most of the time. Do I really need a 3 pound hunk of imported parmesiano-reggiano? What about those 30 lb sacks of potatoes?!

Anyway, after Costco, I came home. Hubby arrived shortly thereafter and I talked him into taking me for dinner. We went to a local restaurant that serves Cajun food. And the owner remembered me as an author and said that the waiter who served us last time has been asking if I'd come back yet. Who knew that being a romance novelist could be so exciting? He wants to do a book launch party in the restaurant. Why not? Jambalaya is a take off on paella, so perhaps I can tie the Spanish theme in somewhere. 🙂

That was my seriously exciting day. How did yours go? What do you think of book launch parties? Ever been to one? I hadn't actually planned one since Harlequin does such fabulous promo for the lines, but maybe it'd be fun….