Let's talk fragrance! I had occasion to think about perfume the other day. I was in a store, shopping with the hubby, when we turned down an aisle and got blasted by the heavy odor of a woman's cologne. We weren't in a department store, so it wasn't like we were walking past the fragrance department. We were in Costco.

I had to turn around. I couldn't stomach it. There was a time when an overly perfumed person simply was annoying. Now, the danger is a migraine. I can't handle it and I go elsewhere. It makes me sympathetic for people with allergies. I had no idea perfume could be so offensive until it started giving me migraines.

And then I got to thinking about my own perfume preferences. Ten years ago, I had a selection. Obsession, Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang, Opium, Sunflowers, Shalimar, Passion, J'Adore — I had mood perfume, and I often had the lotions and gels that went with each fragrance.

The only fragrance I wear now is the Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush body mist. It's not really perfume, and it isn't offensive to my senses. It occurred to me as I flipped through one of my favorite fashion magazines recently that I was saving a lot of money by not buying perfume anymore. I remember Opium costing around $70 for a small bottle; I have no idea what it costs now.

What's your favorite perfume? Has your ability to tolerate perfume changed over the years? Do overly perfumed people annoy you? What was your favorite perfume when you were a teen? In your twenties? Older? Do you still wear perfume?