On Tuesday, something momentous happened. Yes, I cut my hair. (And, oh yeah, some guy won an election or something. *g*)

I have not changed my hair in about fifteen years. It's always been long and straight (once I grew out that spiral perm). But I felt like making a change finally. My stylist was actually worried I'd get upset after he made the first cut – but I didn't, and I haven't yet. In fact, it's not really all that different to me. I have layers now, which I haven't had in years, and I have to relearn how to use a curling iron and hairspray. But it's still long. It just feels more versatile now. If my hair wasn't so fine, and would hold a curl better, I could have kept the weight of the longer hair forever. But I'm not sorry I made the change.

Indeed, November seems to be a time for changes. Leaves change colors, the nation changes leaders, and I changed my hair. What about you? Made any changes lately? Planning any changes? Worried about change? Thinking about change, but not sure if you're ready? What's the biggest change you've ever made to your appearance?