As expected, my plan to talk about Twitter just sort of evaporated. Events of the weekend overtook me. Namely, my hubby's obsession with the World Series. May I just say I do not care? Oh, I do actually enjoy it a teeny bit when it's the LAST game. But this was game three. Not pivotal so far as I'm concerned.

And yet the man had to watch it. The game was rain delayed, which meant it started late. And then it finished really late. Probably 1 AM Central. I don't know because I went to bed. Hubby stayed up for the whole thing. (Though tonight he decided to go play on the computer instead of finishing Game 4 — odd, hmm?)

I have to admit, however, that I do find an almost 46 yr old pitcher too cool for words. Jamie Moyer of the Philadelphia Phillies. This is his first World Series, which I find fascinating given his record with the Majors, and he's a lefty. THAT'S what interests me about baseball. Human drama.

That's probably why I love baseball movies but don't much care for baseball itself. Baseball movies have so much drama, don't they? Bull Durham is my favorite, probably followed by The Rookie. I also love For the Love of the Game and The Natural. A League of Their Own is pretty cool too. I am not so much a Field of Dreams fan, however.

Is it just me, or is this World Series stuff mostly a Mars thing? Because, aside from Jamie Moyer, I just don't get it. I'd rather watch paint dry. I'd rather watch paint dry than watch most sports, come to think of it. I get excited when the stakes are HIGH. Last year's Superbowl? Too cool. Loved it. I suppose, knowing me, if the Phillies get within true striking distance, I'll get excited because I want the ancient (by sports standards) guy to win.

So, opinions about sports? About the World Series? Football? (Please take a moment to think of me tonight; Hubby is having a Monday Night Football party. I'm sure I'll eat the food, say “rah rah” and disappear.)

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