Every year, the Heart of Dixie RWA has a retreat. This is my second year going, and I am so looking forward to it! As you read this, I'll be meandering my happy way into the Tennessee mountains, chatting with a friend, and looking forward to the massage waiting for me this afternoon.

After the massage, I'll shower and get dressed (casually, very casually) for a fun evening of talking, dancing, drinking some concoction or other, and general whooping it up by the giant fireplace in the Inn.

Saturday is general laziness, along with massages (not me since mine is today) and a plotting party. It was at the retreat last year that I mentioned my desire to write for Harlequin Presents — and Kelley St. John told me to go for it. She also sent me the contest announcement about a month later. 🙂

Saturday evening is our Murder Mystery party. Last year, we dressed like 1920s gangsters and it was a blast. This year, we're going for more casual — a spa retreat, which means we get to wear our pajamas and all be girls (I was Rhett Bumbler last year — the fedora and fake cigarette was fun, but I'm glad to be a girl this time).

Monday morning, I'll be back at the computer, hopefully refreshed and ready to work. Hope your weekend is a blast too!