Thanks to everyone who stopped to congratulate me on my news about The Call!!!! I am so thrilled and still amazed that I got that magical phone call. It's definitely a dream come true. I read Harlequin Presents novels behind my textbooks in school. I read them on my very first job as a receptionist at a real estate office (and earned the distinction of being “the reading-est thang”), and I read them in my bedroom at night. I subscribed to the Harlequin reader service where they sent you all the Presents every month, even though I was a teenager and money was tight. *g*

And now to think I am a Presents author! My book will be on those shelves someday next year, and it's so incredible and awesome for me. Who knew? πŸ™‚ Entering the Presents contest was definitely the best choice I ever made for my writing!

So, this isn't the Call Story, is it? Well, I've promised to write that up for the I Heart Presents blog and it will appear next week. So until then, I'll just pop up from time to time and say how stunned I still am. πŸ™‚ It's true; I am.