Here is Hubby's new media room. I was a bit wary about black on the ceiling. Okay, seriously wary. But he insisted that a theater needed a dark ceiling to absorb light (this is also why the screen wall is black). And then of course there was the complimentary color because no way is the whole room going to be black.

Enter Eddie from Sherwin Williams, who definitely saved the day with his recommendation of “Red Bay.”

I love it. I think it turned out wonderfully. We still have decorating to do, and there's a pool table and bar in the future, but watching television in here is awesome. The sound is amazing, the colors really make it seem like a theater, and the popcorn machine is fun.

So, after 22 years of moving around in the military, the man finally has his cave. He deserves it. 🙂 But, uh, honey, can I have the girls over for a chick flick…?