Oops, didn't get around to writing a new post until now. The anniversary graphic, while nice, is no longer relevant. 🙂 We did have a nice time, though. Nice dinner out the first day, home cooked meal at Mom's house the next. Pleasant times.

Finally, it's starting to cool down a bit in Alabama. There's a Fall nip to the air in the early mornings. I like that. You can still wear shorts or capris during the day, though. I like Fall. When I lived in Hawaii, I loved the weather. Summer all the time. But I realized when I moved that I did miss the seasons. I could do without Winter, of course. But Fall has that feeling of new beginnings, doesn't it? Maybe it's conditioned into us from the school years, but Fall is when you embark on something new. More so, I think, than New Year's.

I love fresh start feelings. I think of new projects, or get into the mood to revitalize old projects. I have a new manuscript planned, and I'm having fun thinking about it. And yes, this pantser is trying very hard to write a synopsis and character backgrounds FIRST. It's tough, but I think it'll make the writing easier. But I won't be committed to a definite path, so I can still change things as I write.

Any fresh starts for you this Fall? Busy weekends? Anniversaries?