Well, my brain is on autopilot and skimming between topics, so it's a seriously good idea to just spout some stuff.

*The cabinets are getting empty. Must shop for food. Soon.
*Oooh, chapter retreat coming up in October!
*Murder mystery party — with chocolate and pedicures!
*Hubby is a WoW addict. This is good when I'm writing. Bad when I'm not.
*Since I'm always writing, it works out.
*Is it really 11 months until the next RWA National conference?
*Company returning next month.
*Birthday coming. Wow, I'm going to be THAT old? Twenty-nine again!
*How did the time pass so quickly?
*I forgot to have kids. Seriously, just damn well forgot. Hubby forgot too. Maybe we should have reminded each other.
*Why do my characters drive me insane?
*Is it normal to hear voices?


*Oh, wait, I'm a writer. It's normal.
*Ooooh, got a $10 certificate from DSW! Shoe shopping, here I come!
*After I finish revising.

So what's on your mind today? Got any cool certificates or gift cards to go shopping with? *g* If you like to give gift cards, which are your favorite ones to give?