I'm thinking of switching this blog to WordPress and using my domain name instead of the blogspot name. Because with WP, you can have a multi-page site, unlike with Blogger.

OTOH, I hate change when I'm comfy with something. And I'm comfy with Blogger. If you're reading, you probably blog. Which platform do you use? Have you switched from one to the other? Which do you like best and why?

I'm not sure when I'll get around to this, or if I even will. I kind of hate the idea of moving everything and then not liking it. And I don't like learning curves. I don't have time for them, you know?

So what do you think of blogs as promotional tools ultimately? Recently, I read that the Fog City Divas are going to stop blogging. The authors are too busy writing to keep up with it. I always thought being a part of a group blog would be easier than what I do here, which is post erratically and on wildly different subjects (whatever is floating my boat, in fact). I periodically ask this question because I'm constantly wondering about it. Is the search for something new to say worth the trouble every day? Can you get just as much mileage from visiting blogs and leaving comments?

I wonder. If you dropped by to read my interview yesterday, thank you! I hope to have another interview link to post soon. 🙂