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So I'm working on revisions again. *sigh* Thank GOD for the Presents and Modern Heat authors at conference who told me this is normal and not to feel like a big dummy! The encouragement I found in those ladies has really made a difference in my confidence this time around.

But that's not the diversion. The diversion is my very first newspaper interview. Today, a reporter and photographer came to my house. I was terrified — until I met them. The interview took two hours, and we laughed and talked and had a good time. I have every confidence this interview will put a positive face on romance writing. I don't know when it will be available but as soon as it is, I will post the link.

It's interesting to talk about novel writing with people who don't write novels. And yet, the reporter is a writer because she's a journalist. A different type of writing, but still writing. So we were able to understand one another very well. For instance, we both cringe when someone reads our work while we're in the same room. Don't know why, but I'd rather be in another room if you want to read my story. I guess I don't want to see puzzlement on your face. πŸ™‚ Or worse, disappointment. She felt the same way about her stories. I found that comforting.

The photographer had a trunk full of equipment he brought inside and set up, complete with this huge umbrella thing that helped with lighting. I felt like a movie star! Thankfully, I'd changed out of the writer's uniform of pajamas and into something more attractive. I even took a shower and put on makeup. Definitely not the way I usually write. In fact, she asked me what my routine was. Here it is: wake up around 6:30, kiss husband goodbye around 7:15, pour coffee, go to office and write. In pajamas. With hair scraped back in a bun. Shower around 2 or so — sooner if stuck in a scene. I always shower so the hubby doesn't think I sat around all day in my pajamas — even though I do. πŸ™‚ I figure if the man goes to work and lets me stay home and indulge myself this way, the least I can do is appear presentable when he gets home.

Unless I'm on deadline and then all bets are off. πŸ˜‰

If you've ever been interviewed, how did it go? Were you scared? Did you think of something later that you should have said? So far, I haven't, but who knows how I'll feel tomorrow.